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• Developed by hotel owners
• Best in class Dynamic Pricing & RMS system

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Aiosell Pricing

Aiosell provides both fixed & variable pricing models for hotels.
Fixed Fees
% Variable Fees
New Properties
Channel Manager $15 1,000 3.5% of Online Revenues
Property Management System $30 2,000
Booking Engine,Website & Google Free Links 3.5%* 3.5%*
Advanced Properties
Revenue Management System $150 10,000
Point of Sale System $20 1,500
Reviews & Reputation Manager $20 1,500
Maintenance & Housekeeping Module $10 1,000
HR & Staff Management $20 1,500
Stores & Inventory Management $50 3,500
Expense Management & Cash Book $20 1,500
Accounting System or Integration $50 3,500
Group Hotels/CRS $20 1,500
CRM & Leads Management $20 1,500
Reseller & Technology Partners
White Labelling $10 750
API Integration $10 750
  • All charges are per property per month.
  • If Variable Pricing results in no billing for 3 months, the property will be moved to Fixed Pricing.
  • One time setup fees @ USD 50 or INR 3,500.
  • Above cost includes one user. Additional user charges @ USD 5 or INR 250 per user.
  • OTA Registration will Incur an one-time cost of USD 100 or INR 7,500.
  • For Booking Engine, the variable fees is calculated on direct bookings only (amount that customer pays).
  • Analytics & Reporting are part of the Revenue Management System.

Get The Perfect Hotel Management System For Your Enterprise

Managing a hotel is a tough job. Most hotel managers will concur that the only thing tougher than managing one hotel is managing multiple hotels. There are so many things to manage - employees, food, general maintenance, rooms, rents, a typical demands of clients, cultural nuisances, etc. Luckily, the digitalization of the world has helped make the job of hotel managers easier. A hotels management system is a powerful tool in the hands of hotel managers. If you are looking for the perfect software in this regard, just read on - all you need to know about them is explained here.

An Understanding Of The Hotel Management System

A hotels management system is a software-based system for managing hotels - one or many of them by allowing for automation and a better flow of information. The best hotel management systems these days come with online hotel management software features that bank on the internet for better connectivity and flow of information.

A hotel management system can carry out several functions for a hotel or even a chain of hotels. These functions include - revenue management, lead management, room booking, price management, inventory management, online reviews and reputation management, Channel management, property management, and much more. Of course, not all enterprises provide products with these services, and thus your choice of hotel management software will provide a valuable role in the success of your venture.

Online Hotel Management System Features That You Need And Will Love

The following are some of the online hotel management system features:

  • Automation - Hotel software management is all about automation - with the machine automatically doing tasks without human interruption or minimum human interaction. Different hospitality management system software offers various degrees of automation, and you should always go for the software that allows for the highest degree of automation.
  • Dynamic management - Most hotel booking systems continue to provide only manual pricing options even though there are many dynamic pricing software available. You should always go for an online hotel booking software that allows for dynamic prices so that your hotel pricing can keep up with shifts in factors affecting prices even without manual supervision.
  • You deserve to know - It is hotel software management for your enterprise, and thus you deserve to know by what rules it works. These rules should be clear and intuitive - if you find them too arbitrary in the case of certain software, avoid them.
  • Pragmatism - At the end of the day, what your enterprise needs is results - an improvement in revenue and profits. The best hotel management system will bring visible change in these matrices.
  • Integration - Another set of features to look for in a hotels management system is those relating to integrity. Since such a system will not be working in a vacuum, the only way one can get the best use out of it is if it integrates well with other OTAs.
  • Number of properties handled - One of the most important online hotel management system features is the ability to handle multiple properties, as that will help your enterprise manage whole chains of hotels in a single place.
  • OTA management - Another desirable feature that the best hotel management system provider is automated content.
  • Price - Price is a critical factor in all purchase decisions, and the hotels management system is no exception to this rule. One should go for software that provides all the desirable features mentioned above without being too expensive.
  • Tried and tested - Though not exactly one of the listed online hotel management system features, software that is already being used by several other clients is likely to produce much better results than something entirely new.

It must be noted that most hotel management systems will provide only very few of these features, and you should go only for a hotel management software that provides all such features. Of course, finding such software might look hard but don't worry, we have the perfect software with us.

Magical Benefits Of Adopting Our Hotel Management System

Aiosell provides the best hotel reservation software currently available in the market. It is a state-of-art product that avails all the features mentioned above. The following are some of the additional perks of using it:

  • Dynamic Pricing - Our online hotel booking software provides dynamic pricing, which means that it can help automate the changes in the prices of available rooms based on various rules set by you. The rules will always be visible and can themselves be changed at your discretion. That provides you control without having to always monitor the pricing.
  • A visible improvement in the Average daily rate (ADR) - Average daily rate (ADR) is one of the key hotel performance metrics. It measures the average paid-for rooms sold in a given period. The higher the ADR, the better it is for the business. Our hospitality management system software has provided visible improvements in ADR for our clients by up to twenty percent in our cases. It achieves a higher ADR through dynamic pricing models, which help automatically change prices to match the existing demand, supply, and other factors affecting it.
  • You deserve to know - It is hotel software management for your enterprise, and thus you deserve to know by what rules it works. These rules should be clear and intuitive - if you find them too arbitrary in the case of certain software, avoid them.
  • Excellent occupancy rates - The occupancy rate is another popular yardstick used by hotels to measure their success. Occupancy rate is the ratio of rented rooms to the total number of rooms. A higher occupancy rate suggests that a business can generate the maximum revenue in a given period. Our online hotel booking software has been known to provide the highest increase in occupancy rates for all our clients.
  • Reduction in inefficiencies - One of the biggest reasons our hotel software management is consistently recognized as the best is that it dramatically cuts the inefficiencies for enterprises using it. That is because a significant number of inefficiencies and errors in the modern hospitality business result from human errors and inefficiencies. Our software automates many areas where errors might have occurred, thus rendering your business operations a lot smoother.
  • Our hospitality management system software can also help you curb inefficiencies by giving us actionable information on various inefficiencies, which will allow you to take action on them.

  • Higher Revenue per available room (RevPAR) - Revenue per available room, or RevPAR, is among the three most important measures for a hotel enterprise, the other two being Average Daily Rate (ADR) and occupancy rate. The RevPAR is the measure of the revenue generated by an average room. It can be calculated by multiplying the other two yardsticks - occupancy rates and ADR. On the other hand, it can be calculated by dividing revenue by available room. Our online hotel booking software has helped generate higher RevPAR by continuously finding the optimum price-demand balance for your enterprises on a real-time basis for the maximisation of revenue.
  • Better customer experience- In the hospitality industry, more than anywhere else, the customer experience is of utmost importance. With several online platforms allowing customers to post their ratings and reviews online, enterprises in the hospitality industry need to ensure the best experience for all their customers. Our hospitality management system software can be greatly helpful in ensuring that your customers will always be getting only the best experience.
  • More Leads and better conversion rates - Our hotel software management offers significant improvements in the number of leads. Not only that, but it also helps ensures that these leads will get converted into actual paying guests for your enterprise. Thus, your revenue gets the dual advantage of better lead generation and better conversion rates.
  • Staying afloat in a competitive environment- In the modern-day business environment, it is not enough to be good one must be better than one's competitor. One of the reasons why ours is considered the best hotel reservation software is that we help our clients ensure that they are the best in their relative industry. At least, they are equipped with the best digital and hotel management system. The software can also help them keep an eye on what their competition is doing.
  • Intuitive - Our property management system is highly intuitive. That means the learning curve for you and your employees will remain minimal. That also means that any needs and queries you may expect to have will already be resolved.
  • Interactive user interface- We have a powerful and interactive user interface that allows us to ease the onboarding process for our clients.

If these perks make you believe that ours is the best hotel reservation software, then you are right, but we are just getting started.

Things You Can Do With Our Hotel Management System

We not only provide first-hand hotel booking systems, but our products can also provide the following solutions:

  • Easy management of reviews and online reputation of your enterprise
  • Chain Level Management
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features
  • Excellent inventory management system
  • Booking engine and website management
  • and much more
  • Join Hundreds Of Other Clients From All Parts Of The World.

    Aiosell's products are used in over 200 cities from thirty different countries of the world. Our products are already being used by over three hundred hotels that have over twenty rooms in total. Thus, we have already proven ourselves capable of handling gigantic operations and volumes. That is, in fact, what makes it the best hotel management system in the world.

    Join Hundreds Of Other Clients From All Parts Of The World.

    Other Products And Services

    When looking for hotel booking systems, you should also check whether the vendor providing them also provides other solutions that you may need for your enterprise. For example, you may need a channel manager, accounts integrations, leads management, etc. might be provided along with hotel software management by the vendor. If possible, one should take all such solutions from the same vendor as that will allow for better inter-communication between various digital solutions used by your enterprise.

    Aiosell provides not only the best hotel reservation software but a variety of other products. In short, we can be your one-stop solution for all enterprise management digital solutions. Choosing us as your vendor for all such software will help you get a seamless experience throughout the digital presence of your enterprise.

    Choose Your Own Pricing Level

    Another reason our hospitality management system software is so irresistible is that we let you decide how you wish to pay for what you get - you can choose to pay fixed rates for every property on and monthly basis or 3.5 percent of your online revenue. In both cases, the price will be only a small fraction of the increase in revenue you will get on deploying our hotel booking systems, but the two options mean that you can choose the pricing model that works best for you.

    Seamless Integration

    In the present-day world, only those digital technologies and solutions can survive, which provide seamless integration with other technologies. Our hotel booking systems just do that. An effortless connection is achieved by a product unlike anything ever provided by a competitor.


    From programming to the services provided and pricing, we bring a flexible approach to everything - that helps ensure that we can meet their needs easily.

    Go For The Best And Do It Today!

    If you have read so far, you would be pretty convinced that we provide the best hotel management system. It is a product that can boost your business to new heights. Whether your enterprise is a start-up, small-scale, or some MNC, our flexible pricing model helps avail our services to all our customers. We help ensure that your business will be able to make of internet to encash into paying customers for your hotels.

    So, what are your waiting for? Start taking advantage of the best hotel management software in the market today by contacting us now. Otherwise, you can also get a demo of our services.

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