All in One Hotel Management System with Dynamic Pricing

Hotel technology system built by hotel owners that can increase revenues & minimize costs.
  • Automated Revenue Management System using AI & real-time factors
  • Hotel Management & Marketing system (each module also available independently)

Products in All in One Aiosell System

Aiosell provides fully integrated seam-less solution that includes all hotel technology products can help hotels increase revenue and reduce inefficiencies.

Aiosell Products:

  • Automated Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing 
  • Property Management System 
  • Channel Manager 
  • Reviews & Reputation Management System 
  • Competition Shopper 
  • Analytics & Reporting 
  • Booking Engine & Website
  • OTA Management 
  • Chain Level Management (CRS)

Manage, monitor, and maximize your hotel revenue the way you’ve never done before!

Why is Aiosell unique & different from other Hotel Systems?

Aiosell Other Systems
All in One System
PMS, RMS, CM, POS, Reviews, Competition, Analytics, Booking Engine combined into one Separate Systems for each functionality
Fully automated - minimum manual work Most tasks done manually
Rate Management
Dynamic Pricing using real-time factors Rates changed manually
Directly increase revenues by 30% Do not directly increase revenues
Automation is configurable based on rules Analytics based on on opaque data modelling
Integrates with all major OTAs Minimum interoperability
Analytics & Reporting
Advanced Analytics & Reporting Not readable, intuitive, and integrated
Chain Hotels
Multi-property & CRS part of design Multi-property management is painful
OTA Management
Automated OTA Content, Commissions & rate parity OTA Management done manually
Affordable (fixed & variable pricing options) Expensive & inflexible

Hoteliers Across the Globe Trust Aiosell

Aiosell has assisted hotels of all types (5 star, 3 star, independent homestays) increase business and efficiency while reducing costs.

  • 10000+


  • 200+


  • 150+


  • 20+


Case Studies

Our Partners

Aiosell integrates with several key technology players to provide All-in-one solution.

Grab the opportunity to increase rates and occupancy today!


Aiosell Pricing

Aiosell provides both fixed & variable pricing models for hotels.




Channel Manager & Dynamic Pricing $75 ₹5k 5% of Online Revenues
Property Management System (with POS) $75 ₹5k
Analytics & Reporting $75 ₹5k
Reviews & Reputation Manager $30 ₹2k
OTA Management / Rate Shopper $30 ₹2k
Group Hotels / CRS $50 ₹3k
Booking Engine $30 ₹2k
Website $20 ₹1k
  • All charges are calculated per month 
  • Variable Fees is calculated based on online revenues (excluding tax and OTA commission) 
  • You can choose either fixed fees (in USD or INR) or variable fees model 
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