Muscatel Hotels grows to 3 hotels with Aiosell within 1 year

Muscatel Hotel
“Aiosell is a complete marketing solution highly recommended for all independent hoteliers.“ Kapil Hinduja, Owner, Muscatel Hotels & Resorts.


Muscatel Hotels and Resorts is a group of 3 hotels based in Gangtok, Sikkim which combines a blend of Sikkimese hospitality with the picturesque Himalayan range. Located in the city centre of Gangtok, the hotels’ beautiful interiors and spacious rooms make them an ideal stay for both business and leisure travelers.

The Problem

The owner, Kapil Hinduja was contemplating entering the hotel industry by opening his first property in 2018 by partnering with his former colleague and friend Navin Thapa, who was based in Gangtok. The owners had no prior experience on how to manage, market or start the hotel. They understood the power of technology, automation and the internet as key to driving their success, but they did not know how to best leverage this.

The Solution

The group partnered with Aiosell at the pre-opening stage after seeing the value in having an automated all-in-one software. They started using all products & features of Aiosell which included Revenue Management System, integrated PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Reputation Management, Competition Rate Shopper and website. This allowed the hotel owners to focus all their attention on operations and guest experiences while all technology, automation, and pricing decisions were left to the Aiosell all-in-one system.
AI-based pricing algorithms by Aiosell enabled the hotel to attain 74% occupancy within a span of 2 months after the start.

The Results

The Muscatel Central, Gangtok achieved a stable 86.5% occupancy in 2019-20 season – an increase of 17% when compared to previous year and market.The owners have been so successful with their experiment that they have now expanded to 3 hotels in Gangtok and treat Aiosell as long term partners. They are big proponents of AI driven technology and automation that can drive profitability in the hotel industry.

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