Automated Hotel Revenue
Management Software

Aiosell's fully-automated revenue management system uses AI to help you set & maintain optimal room rates in order to make strategic pricing decisions that drive maximum profits.


How it Works

  • Aiosell’s automated revenue management software uses artificial intelligence to dynamically set rates based on supply, demand and competition.
  • The fully automated system changes the rates in real-time, 24×7, 365 days.
  • It is effective since rooms are perishable inventory with high fixed costs and low variable costs.

Internal and External Factors that Decide Rates … 24x7

Aiosell’s AI algorithms automatically generate and update the prices of rooms on various channels based on internal & external factors. Occupancy, seasonality and booking window are the internal factors. Competition prices, booking demand, and time of the day or week are external factors. 

Save time, ensure consistency and maximize hotel sales with Aiosell

All in One Hotel Technology

Aiosell provides a multi-technology integrated solution relevant to the hotel industry so you can one-stop-shop for all your needs without working with multiple technology providers.

  • Property Management System (PMS)

    A cloud-based integrated PMS solution & mobile app that has 2-way connectivity with the Revenue Manager & the pricing system.

  • Hotel Website

    Create a one-click website for your hotel using information like photos, location, and facilities offered by your hotel.

  • Booking Engine

    A one-click ready booking engine that integrates with your pricing system to get maximum direct bookings.

  • Reviews & Reputation Management

    Ability to measure your hotel reputation and reviews across all online channels, provide real-time notifications and analytics for performance measurement.

  • Analytics & Data

    An easy-to-use dashboard to access all data and analytics of your bookings, customer behavior, and booking patterns that can help you make smarter decisions.

  • Competition Rate Shopper

    An easily accessible consolidated view of your rates in comparison to competition across all publicly available channels.

  • Commission Tracker

    Calculate the total commissions paid to OTAs each month, track the commissions per voucher and ensure that commission payments are paid on time.

  • Direct Feedback System

    Collect automated SMS based feedback from your guests in real-time during check-out without installing any additional hardware.

  • Meta-Search Manager

    Ensure your direct channel is visible and effective across meta-search platforms like Google, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Trivago, etc.

  • OTA Optimization

    Optimize your presence across all OTAs to ensure you get maximum value from all channels by boosting ranking.

  • Channel Manager

    Connects to over 100 channels across the world with real-time ability to post inventory, rates and retrieve bookings.

  • Accounting Support

    Break down each booking into different accounting and tax headings to help you file your taxes and manage your accounting books.

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