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Leisure Group is a premium group of 22 hotels primarily located in the picturesque Uttarakhand and Garhwal region of North India. Surrounded by mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers the group’s portfolio consist of hotels, resorts, luxury villas, camps offering a range of adventure, relaxation, and spiritual experiences.

The Problem

The group was operating with a small centralized revenue management team who were manually entering prices for the entire group of 22 hotels. They were using excel sheets to calculate prices and enter them manually. These prices could be entered a few times a day, for a few dates, and did not often change fast enough with the changing market dynamics. They were struggling to figure out how to maximize their revenue potential, by keeping up with changing demand patterns. They were wondering whether to increase their team size to have a dedicated revenue manager for every hotel, who could react to any changing conditions.

The Solution

After running a successful pilot with one of their properties – The Riverview Retreat, Corbett, the group along with its dynamic owner, Vibhas Prasad was convinced of the power of Aiosell’s automated dynamic pricing and the potential it could have to change the group’s future.

The group now uses Aiosell across its hotel’s portfolio to fully automate its pricing for all their hotels. The automation has relieved the centralized team to focus on more strategic tasks like competition mapping, marketing, and new projects rather than day-to-day manual price entering.

The hotel was using Hotelogix CRS system that was connected to the channel manager. Because of 2 way integration that Aiosell has with Hotelogix PMS / CRS system, Aiosell’s system could push prices to Hotelogix which would then flow into all the OTAs through the channel manager. Both offline and online bookings were delivered real-time from Hotelogix to Aiosell for all analysis.

The Results

Within a span of two months, the group as a whole increased their ARR from Rs 8769 in January 2020 to Rs 9583, an increase of 9.2%
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