Aiosell at Travel Tech APAC Webinar

Aiosell in Travel Tech APAC

Siddharth Goenka, Founder and CEO of Aiosell Technologies and MD of Octave Hotels, was invited to share his views at a webinar hosted by Travel Tech APAC. This Webinar was attended by other influential members of the Hotel Industry as well.

Travel Tech is a series of online conferences launched in 2020 to help hotels learn how to calibrate their operations vis-a-vis the current ongoing COVID pandemic and how it helps demand, so as to help regain profitability in these adverse times. Travel Tech aims to provide a platform for hotels, OTAs and hospitality technology companies to share their insights on the industryand utilize these insights in an effort to accelerate the recovery of the industry globally.

This webinar discussed concepts of Revenue through direct sales and distributions, new weapons and trends for hotel revenue and distribution optimizations. It also debated the role of technology in the hospitality and travel industry and how the industry is moving towards complete automation.

Full video of the webinar:

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