Lotus Group of hotels, Dubai chooses Aiosell RMS

Hotel Lotus


Luxuria Vision Infinity is a management company specializing in hospitality sector across the Middle East and India.

Lotus Grand Hotelis located in the heart of downtown Deira, Dubai, amidst the busy and buzzing Al Riga Street and 4 kilometers away from Dubai International airport.

Royal Falcon Hotel - situated on the busy Salahuddin streetis just a minute walk away from Salahuddin Metro Station, Reef malland the famous shopping district of Nasser Square.

The Problem

The management was struggling to make good pricing decisions given the uncertainty and unpredictability of the Dubai market. They realized the shortcomings of manual pricing, and were looking for a modern automated revenue management system for both the properties (a total of 170 rooms). While the hotels were using an existing PMS system and Channel Manager, the pricing & inventory was being managed manually by a revenue manager. This resulted in sub-optimal utilization of market potential and them leaving money on the table.

The Solution

The group decided to use Aiosell RMS, with a 2 way integration to their existing PMS system – Hotelogix. The automated dynamic pricing algorithm of Aiosell could use data from changing market demand, peak / lean seasons, day of week, time of booking and real-time occupancy levels to push rates back to Hotelogix PMS, which was instantly updated on all OTAs through the channel manager.This automation ensured the rates were updated multiple times a day and the system could adapt to real-time and unpredictable changing demand patterns of the city.

Given the volatility of Dubai market, the hotels also used Aiosell’sRate Shopper tool to monitor their competition hotels’ rates and ensured that they were always ahead of the game. In spite of being hit hard by Covid crisis, the hotel was able to achieve occupancy and ARR levels which was at least 30% ahead of the market.

The Analytics and Reporting module of Aiosell ensured that management was up-to-date with all key KPIs related to hotelperformance and was able to focus on strategic decisions towards improvement of group portfolio.

Analytics, Reporting & Notifications ensured that the hotel & Revenue Managers were fully in sync with the hotel performance with the help of Aiosell Reports (Daily Reports, Analytics Reports & Pickup Reports). The reviews and reputation management module ensured that each customer review was sent directly to hotel and could be responded to immediately.

The Results

The group collectively saw a steady increase in sales and ADR after enabling Aiosell’srevenue management systeminspite of covid crisis (evident in the graphs below).
Hotel Lotus Results GraphHotel Lotus Results

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