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Comet Motel


Comet Motel is located near the Los Angeles airport and is close to some of the city’s popular landmarks, such as Watts Towers and Inglewood Park, making it a good destination for tourists. While the motel is budget friendly, it provides basic amenities required by a traveler such as free Wi-Fi, free parking, and rooms equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning, ironing facilities and private bathrooms.

The Problem

This 16 rooms motel was managed by the owners who were involved in all aspects of the management, including operations and marketing. They were updating inventory manually few times a day online and changing rates once in two weeks based on any change in demand patterns. The hotel was not using any PMS system to manage its operations and this was becoming very tedious.They were also not able to adjust prices based on changing market demands in the dynamic city of LA, thereby leaving money on the table.

The Solution

Comet Motel started using Aiosell all-in-one marketing software in Jan’19. The automated dynamic pricing system along with channel manager connectivity changed rates multiple times in a day based of the time, week, seasons, occupancy, and market demand. Also, the available inventory was updated automatically on the Aiosell channel manager as majority of the bookings came online. The owners also started using Aiosell PMS to manage their day to day operations and do all hotel tasks including Checkin, Checkout, Reservations, and Billing, thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency. The owners could now concentrate on guest satisfaction and property maintenance while the analytics and reporting from Aiosell kept them updated with hotel KPIs (with daily, weekly and monthly reports). The reviews and reputation management ensured that online customer reviews were sent directly to hotel and could be responded to immediately.

The Results

The hotel could see an increase in sales by 20% within the a few months of using Aiosell Dynamic Pricing System.
The hotel saw a steady growth in occupancy from Jan’19 to Aug’19 with Aiosell all- in-one hotel system. The owners have been patronizing Aiosell ever since.
Comet Motel Results

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