Ten Ten, Wilshire Apartments Los Angeles improves ADR with Aiosell

Ten Ten, Wilshire Apartments Los Angeles improves ADR with Aiosell


Ten Ten, Wilshire are apartments and suites located at the world-famous Wilshire boulevard in Los Angeles, USA. With sophisticated architecture, elegant interior designs and panoramic views in each of the fully furnished suites, Ten Ten is designed for a comfortable living. Further enhancing the living experience is a rooftop pool and service amenities including conference rooms and business centers ideal for meeting people and networking.

The Problem

Ten Ten was facing difficulty in changing room rates frequently so as to match with the dynamic market demands in LA. It has three different suites and each suite required to be priced and positioned in a way so that that revenues could be maximized. However, this was not possible manually and the owners were looking for an automated solution which could eliminate manual intervention and increase rates & maximize profits.

The Solution

Ten Ten partnered with Aiosell with the goal to increase their ADRs. Aiosell automated dynamic pricing algorithm took into account factors such as the hotel occupancy, day of the week, seasonality, lead time and time of the booking. The hotel particularly displayed a higher demand on weekends, however it was not consistent on every weekend. Some weekends demonstrated much higher demand, whereas others had lower demands.

Aiosell automated pricing was configured to keep up with these changing demand patterns and change rates 20-30 times in a day to ensure that every room was sold at the optimum price. Moreover, the ‘booking window’ of the hotel was configured at 180 days, to ensure that prices were dynamic 6 months forward and any spurt in demand was adequately captured early on.

The owners started receiving Daily Reports from Aiosell everyday on their email IDs for the previous day’s performance, which included all KPIs including performance, occupancy, pick-up, pricing, review and OTA invoice status.

The property was using Hotelogix PMS and Aiosell connects seamlessly with the system to send dynamic rates and receive both online and offline bookings.

The Results

The hotel could witness a sharp increase in ADRs by 25% within three months of using Aiosell. The owners have since always engaged with Aiosell to discuss pricing strategies and continue to patronize Aiosell revenue management & dynamic pricing system.
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