Siddharth Goenka's the CEO & Founder of Aiosell Technologies. He is a Computer Science Graduate from Purdue University, USA. Also, an MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. And, a boarding school alumni from the Scindia School Gwalior. Siddharth has worked as a software engineer in Microsoft, Seattle. Also, he has worked as a Management Consultant at Accenture & Carlson Marketing in Mumbai.
He moved to Bangalore in 2012 to start Octave Hotels. And turned it around from a loss-making 39 room hotel to a profit making chain of 7 hotels & 240 rooms.
Siddharth comes with a unique blend of skillsets required for Aiosell. Because he has a mix of software engineering, hospitality management, and management consultant. Which gives him the edge at Aiosell Technologies. Siddharth is the consumer of his own product.

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