Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort- Malaysia increased business with Aiosell

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Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort is located at the western shores of Tioman Island, Malaysia. A beautiful 4-star resort with 80 rooms, where one can experience the white sand beaches, breathtaking views, turquoise water and spectacular coral reefs. They offer an array of packages ranging from all-inclusive rates, honeymoon getaways, spa treatments and diving options.

The Problem

The hotel had huge variability in demand – the booking pattern in weekends/peak seasons varied drastically with the booking pattern in lean season/weekdays.They were struggling to fill up rooms in lean season while in peak season, they were not able to maximize their ADRs. The rates were more or less static for a season and therefore, the hotel could not optimize on their REVPAR.

The Solution

Paya Beach moved to Aiosell’s automated pricing system in August,2019. Aiosell’s unique pricing algorithm not only analyses past data trends but also benchmarks rates with the competition hotels to identify any peak dates in the future. Rates are calculated keeping into account seasonality, day of week trends, occupancy and even time of the booking. These rates are completely dynamic with every room sold and are pushed to OTAs real time.

They were using Hotelogix PMS which was integrated with channel manager to push rates and inventory to all online travel portals. Since Aiosell has a seamless 2-way connectivity with Hotelogix, Aiosell was able to use its advanced algorithms to change rates dynamically almost 10-15 times a day, and push those rates live through the Hotelogix Channel Manager interface.

The Results

Aiosell’s automated pricing and use of artificial intelligence resulted in 40% increase in business within the first 2 months using minimum time and effort from the hotel.
Paya Beach Results

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