How to Choose the Right PMS for Your Hotel

Modern hotels can hardly run without a property management system (PMS). To keep up with the changing customer's demands and behaviours, hoteliers need a holistic hotel property management system that enables the completion of multiple tasks in one go. Your hotel PMS shouldn't be just a tool for your daily hotel operations; it needs to be evolved to include functions that help you make strategic decisions for your business. 

But most hotels often make the mistake of choosing either a low-end PMS solution that doesn't fulfil their basic requirements or a high-end solution with a lot of features that might not be of much use to the hotel. So, which is the right PMS for your hotel?
The best PMS for you is the one that best fits your needs. So when you are searching for the right hotel property management system, you need to understand exactly what you need and what you don't need in a PMS.
A smart hotel PMS should be able to:
  • Save time
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Improve revenue
  • Enhance the guest experience and potential guest loyalty
To achieve all of the above, you must consider the following features when choosing a hotel PMS:
  1. Offers the right integrations
  2. Your PMS should be a two-way connection, allowing the multiple systems (internal and external) to communicate with each other and share data. Therefore, it is imperative that your PMS integrates easily with the following technologies and external systems to ensure everything runs smoothly:

  • Channel Manager Integration of PMS with hotel channel manager system is important because of its connection to the OTAs and GDS for dynamic pricing and real-time distribution of room inventory. If your PMS doesn't offer this functionality, it is a huge loss of revenue.

  • Booking Engine Direct online bookings are very profitable for the hotel business. A PMS with its own internet booking engine and payment gateway is a great room booking management tool and must-have feature.

  • Central Reservation System PMS integration with a central reservation system allows you to manage all your hotel properties and all your users from one place. It contains the hotel's room rates, availability and inventory (ARI) data and helps manage online as well as offline bookings.

  • Hotel Revenue Management An integration of hotel PMS with the hotel revenue management system automates the process of leveraging analytics. It can be used to sell the right product to the right customer for the right price on the right distribution channel. The PMS-RMS (revenue management system) integration works by the PMS automatically pushing room pricing and availability to RMS, and the RMS automatically updates accepted recommended rates in the PMS.

  • Social Media and Reviews Management The property management system should connect to all your social media platforms to improve direct bookings. It should also provide a platform that connects to review sites so that you can improve your hotel reputation management. When you integrate the PMS with your reputation management system, you can completely automate the process of requesting and posting guest feedback via electronic post-stay surveys.

  • Uses cloud-based technology When considering the PMS for your hotel, ensure that it is cloud-based. This makes hotel operations much easier. If your PMS is cloud-based, you don't need a room to server room on which the PMS runs. You don't even need an IT professional to install updates, fix the hardware and the bugs. All these are done automatically in the cloud. Moreover, cloud-based systems are more reliable, flexible, and affordable. Additionally, it can be easily scaled when the need arises.

  • Ensures solid support and training Investing in the best PMS in the world isn't enough. Your PMS should enable fast implementation, great support, a quick learning curve and comprehensive training materials to support ongoing adoption. You need to ensure that your PMS provider offers 24/7/365 support with "customer service" at no additional charge to you. Moreover, your hotel PMS should have online training tools for your staff and an active customer community where you can access knowledge-based articles, past release documentation and notifications for upcoming maintenance and releases.

  • Provides intelligent performance reporting Without intelligent reporting, you would not have visibility into the key drivers of your property's performance and revenue. Without a good PMS, you might be sitting on a mountain of invaluable data. A hotel PMS offers you the capability to build, share and export critical reports needed to make strategic operations decisions.

  • Simplifies housekeeping management Housekeeping is one of the basic functions of a hotel. It's important that your hotel PMS has a housekeeping module. This ensures easy maintenance management and simplifies the billing, check-in and check-out processes. Your demands from your PMS might be many: manage room inventory and rate; orchestrate hotel operations; manage guest preferences and constantly evolve while keeping the data secure at all times. Yes, there are far too many checkboxes that need to be ticked for you to find the right PMS. That's why Aiosell could be your holy grail.
  • What Makes Aiosell Different from Other PMS?

    Aiosell's PMS is a simple but amazingly efficient and fully automated cloud-based solution that ticks all these boxes:
    All-in-one system
    • Booking Engine & Website integrated
    • Analytics & reporting integrated
    • Reviews & Reputation Manager integrated
    Easy hotel integrations
    • Revenue Management
    • Channel Manager
    • Accounting System
    Aiosell's PMS can increase your hotel business by more than 30%. Streamline your hotel operations, enhance customer experience, and drive more revenue. Sign up for a quick demo now!

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