How Hotel PMS Helps in Improving Guest Experience?

In the hotel industry, customer experience starts long before your guest arrives at your hotel, and it doesn’t end even after they leave. The changing guest behaviours, expectations and preferences make it challenging for hotels to deliver a memorable guest experience. 

However, the use of hotel property management systems has grown significantly over the past decade, especially since cloud hotel technology became mainstream. A hotel PMS offers significant benefits that help you provide exceptional hotel guest experience and customer service.

The hotel PMS integrates with your hotel systems at various customer touchpoints to increase guest satisfaction.

 Here are six key examples of how a cloud PMS empowers hotels to improve their guest experience.

  1. Customer Convenience During Check-In/Out Process

    With rising convenience, guests have become intolerant to delays during check-ins/outs. If your hotel doesn’t have an automated front desk system, the check-in/out process can be long-drawn and complicated. Hotel PMS automates these front desk administrative tasks, such as assigning rooms, completing guest registration cards, looking up reservations, settling bills and taking payments to provide an improved check-in/out guest experience.
  2. Reduce Staff Workload and Save Their Time

    Through data integration, a cloud hotel property management system (PMS) streamlines and automates a number of manual and repetitive tasks carried out daily. This greatly reduces the manual workload, thus saving time for the staff to focus more on personalising the guest experience.
  3. Easy Payment Integration With Accounting System

    Whether you manage a small hotel or run a large hotel chain, payment integration with accounting systems provides many benefits, including a payment gateway interface that allows payments to be processed directly through the PMS. This enhances the guest experience and increases the bottom line.
  4. Email Personalisation and Automation

    Email communications present a valuable opportunity to enhance the customer experience throughout the customer journey. From reservation confirmations to pre-arrival emails and post-stay thank you emails to customer feedback surveys, a hotel PMS allows you to customise and personalise communications to drive guest engagement a notch higher.
  5. Customise Packages and Offers

    One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to provide value-added packages and offers. A hotel PMS makes it easy to create packages, offers, discounts and other add-ons, to offer customer more value. When you allow customers to customise their packages, you give them the opportunity to customise the stay experience that results in them having a memorable stay.
  6. Build Detailed Guest Profiles

    Hotel PMS offers the ability to capture and store guest profile data. This feature is key to providing an enhanced guest experience. The hotel PMS captures details beyond the name and contact details, giving you the opportunity to really know your guests – from their stay and transaction history, requests, preferences, and birthdays to anniversaries – you have all the information to easily deliver a personalised customer experience to your guests.
Armed with the right tools for automating processes, capturing and storing data, and remembering customer preferences with feedback analysis, a hotel PMS integrated with your hotel systems can help elevate guest experience. Ready to improve your guest experience? 

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