How Does Hotel PMS Help Multi Hotel Owners?

Leading hotel chains have exceptional guest service. But did you know that something else sets them apart in the market? It’s their multi-hotel managing skills! They leverage the power of a Hotel Property Management System (PMS) – something every multi-hotel owner should do!

Benefits of Multi Hotel Property Management System 

  1. Centralised Control
    A multi-hotel PMS helps you centrally manage multiple hotel groups. It gives you unified control over your chain of hotels – all while not having to travel across properties! With a simple login, you can manage hotel operations, travel agents, analytics of all your properties and much more!
  2. Centralised Reservation System
    A multi-hotel property management system has an integrated Central Reservation System (CRS). This helps you manage reservation requests for all your properties from anywhere. The CRS is handy for your reservation agents. They can process booking requests and can view the group-wide availability of rooms. The CRS helps maintain reservation data, offer discounts, send quotations and follow-ups, and customise payment terms.
  3. Third-party Integrations
    When you get a multi-hotel PMS, you get the option of third-party integration. You need to be careful while scrolling through the various options as your hotel’s revenue management, online distribution, and online reputation depend on this. Consider these critical third-party integrations:
    • Channel Manager:
      When you integrate a channel manager into your hotel PMS, you get to distribute the inventory and rates across all sales channels. This also includes the hotel’s social media, OTAs, hotel website, metasearch engines and GDSs.
    • Online Booking Engine:
      To save OTA commissions, you need to focus on getting direct bookings for your property. Integrate an online booking engine into your hotel PMS to address this issue.
    • Revenue Management System:
      This integration is necessary to help you decide on the best room prices. It forecasts the demand and supply chain and informs you about your competitor’s prices. To take advantage of this integration, ensure your hotel PMS has the dynamic pricing feature.
    • Online Reputation Management Solution:
      With this integration, you can collect feedback from guests and see reviews from different booking sites. This helps in boosting your online reputation.
  4. Centralised Guest History
    Hotel PMS offers a personalised experience to your guests. You can look at your guest’s previous stays and understand their preferences better. Since this is a guest-facing industry, having access to centralised guest history is necessary. Go ahead, gain their trust and loyalty!
  5. Staff Productivity
    A hotel property management system comes with user-friendly interfaces. It means that your staff can be easily trained on using it. This automated solution can reduce errors and save your team some hours which they can use to perform other major tasks.
  6. Time-Saving
    With a multi-hotel property management system, automate repeating tasks like invoicing, sending emails before guest arrival, updating room inventories, etc. Connect your hotel PMS with a channel manager, and all your bookings from other sites like Airbnb,, etc., will automatically arrive in your PMS.
  7. Accurate Analysis
    You can find all data insights into the PMS. With the data, you can analyse performance and make informed decisions for business growth.

How Can Aiosell Help Multi-Hotel Owners?

Aiosell understands that managing a chain of hotels is not an easy game. That’s why our Multi-property Management System is designed to add convenience!

Use a common login across your hotel chains and get centralised control. Check analytics, generate invoices, manage room allotments, integrate a Centralised Reservation System (CRS), and much more – everything within one system!

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