Aiosell announces integration with Google Free Links

Aiosell and Google Hotel Ads

Aiosell is proud to announce its integration with Google free links and Google Hotel Ads. This integration is the future of hospitality industry and paves the way for hotels to get maximum bookings directly through the Aiosell Booking Engine.

Google is the world’s largest meta-search platform and search engine that seeds the customer journey for maximum customers looking for hotel rooms. This integration ensures that the hotel’s direct booking engine price and availability is now visible to customers on Google’s list of options (see image above), which can increase the percentage of direct bookings by more than 50%.

This is an extremely important piece of the puzzle that helps Aiosell All In One System increase profitability for hotels. Through this integration, Aiosell can also enable hotels to use Google Hotel Ads, to increase spending on google to further promote direct booking channel, thereby leading to increase in business.

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