Hotel Windsor, Patna overview increases occupancy using Aiosell Dynamic Pricing

Hotel Windsor


Hotel Windsor is a 77 room mid-scale business hotel located in the heart of Patna, India – 6.5 kms from the airport and 1 kilometer away from railway station. It is equipped with all the modern facilities for a business & leisure traveler. The family that owns the hotel have a modern outlook and aspire to be market leaders in hospitality in eastern India.

The Problem

Since, the hotel is located in the commercial hub of the city, it is surrounded by many budget hotels which are always under-cutting rates. The owner, Purushendra did not want to dilute the brand image of the hotel by reducing the rates too much, however was still losing business to competitors who were engaging in a price war. He knew that if the rates were smartly and efficiency managed, we could hold the ADR during high demand periods, yet reduce rates during low demand periods to increase occupancy and avoid cannibalization. The online rates were managed manually by his in-house team and usually updated once a week. The owners were looking for a solution out of this dilemma.

The Solution

The hotel was one of the early adopters of Aiosell’s automated pricing & revenue management system – as early as 2018. Aiosell’s automated pricing algorithms changed rates sometimes 30-40 times a day avoiding diluting the brand image. The pricing algorithm took into account factors such as market demand, lead time, seasons, time of booking and day of the week to ensure that the balance between high occupancy and high ADR was maintained keeping all dynamic factors into account. Prices would only be reduced last minute systematically, to fill up perishable inventory at specific times of the day.

Not only did increase business for owners, it also freed their time to focus their efforts on operations and maintenance of the hotel to ensure all guests would have a delightful stay.

The hotel uses Aiosell’s All-in-one system which includes built in channel manager that pushes dynamic rates and availability across all OTAs real time.

The Results

The revenues & room nights of the hotel showed a steady increase every month of the year since they started using Aiosell. The quantum of online business grew 2x during the first year due to the smart use of Aiosell’s technology and automation.
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