7s Hotels, Vietnam uses Aiosell All in One System to expand portfolio

7s Hotels, Vietnam


7s Hotels is an aggregator of 2-star and 3-star hotels in Vietnam. They have a large customer base of over 1000 hotels spread across cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Dalat and many more. They are experts in providing sales and marketing support, along with technology solutions to help hotels in Vietnam succeed.

The Problem

7s hotels were using an old channel manager that required manual intervention in all aspects of marketing & operations, including listing hotels on OTAs, managing inventory and updating rates. This was becoming increasingly difficult to manage given the scale of growth, they were unable to optimize the hotel’s revenues and were spending a lot of time trying to do manual revenue management and had to manage multiple systems to enter rates, bookings, and hotel operations.

The Solution

7s hotels partnered with Aiosell in Sep, 2020 and started using the all-in-one marketing system. They white labeled and the Aiosell system as their own for the Vietnam market. Hotels were onboarded on Aiosell within 2 days and they were able to use all features of Aiosell including automated dynamic pricing system, channel manager, PMS, reviews, analytics and reports. The dynamic pricing system ensured that minimal manual work was needed and rates were optimized based on peak seasons, day of week, lead time and booking time and pushed through the inbuilt channel manager to various OTAs. The inventory was automatically synchronised with PMS to ensure a seamless 2 way connection.

The reports and analytics helped management stay connected to city trends and change pricing strategy accordingly. This helped the management focus more on business development as the day-to-day pricing and inventory management was taken care of by the automated system.

The Results

7s hotels moved 48 of their properties on the Aiosell platform and continue to add more. The hotels as a group saw a steady revenue and room nights growth over the last 6-8 months.
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