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In the era of innovations and automation, a channel management system is a simple technological solution that can streamline various aspects of hotel operations. It is technologically equivalent to having a highly skilled global sales team with round the clock reservation department. In this age of information technology, almost 76 percent of hotel reservations are done through online channels and OTAs (online travel agencies. At Aiosell, we offer fully integrated channel manager software with an online distribution system that can be integrated with over 100+ OTAs globally. Join us as we explore the potential of our hotel channel manager software for establishing solid brand loyalty and driving business growth.

What is a Channel Management System?

Channel management system is widely used by a wide range of industries in sales marketing and promotional aspects for driving business growth. It can be defined as a process where a business develops marketing strategies for reaching a broader customer base.

A hotel channel management system works by synchronizing real-time market information about customer booking demands and hotel pricing across various channels and OTAs (online travel agencies). It can also automate various tasks such as updating booking rates, checking real-time availability, and centralizing reservations all in one dashboard.

A hotel channel manager plays an essential role in streamlining customer data, and inventory (number of vacant rooms), and accommodates customer requirements in real time.

Here, we have highlighted the main functions of a hotel channel manager:

  • Lists your property on websites
  • Enables you to set the rates you will have
  • Takes care of overall rate parity for you
  • Gets confirmed bookings without having to directly deal with guest inquiries
  • Provide valuable insights on various types of channels (OTAs), which of them works best, and where to concentrate for future business

How does a Hotel Channel Manager System Works?


A hotel channel manager system integrates with various online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and other distribution channels to provide seamless connectivity and real-time synchronization of room inventory, rates, and availability.

Centralized Control

The channel manager acts as a centralized control system, allowing hoteliers to manage their online distribution from a single platform. It provides a user-friendly interface, enabling hotels to update their rates, availability, and restrictions across all connected channels simultaneously.

Inventory Management

The channel manager system allows hoteliers to manage their room inventory effectively. It automatically updates the availability of rooms across all channels as bookings are made, ensuring that no double bookings occur.

Rate Management

Hotel channel managers enable hoteliers to manage their rates efficiently. Hoteliers can also implement dynamic pricing strategies to adjust rates based on market demand and competitor rates.

Real-time Updates

With a hotel channel manager system, any changes made to room inventory, rates, or availability are instantly updated across all connected channels.

Performance Analytics

Hotels can keep track of key metrics such as occupancy rates, revenue, and bookings on different channels. These data act as valuable insights for them to evaluate the business effectiveness of their distribution strategy, identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize business revenue and profitability.

Channel Diversification

A hotel channel manager system allows hoteliers to diversify their distribution channels by connecting with multiple OTAs, GDS, and other platforms.

Seamless Integration with Property Management System (PMS)

Many hotel channel managers integrate seamlessly with the hotel's property management system, allowing hotels to automatically update informations about bookings, guest information, and other data between the channel manager and PMS, streamlining operations and reducing manual effort.

Choosing the Right Hotel Channel Management System

When choosing the right hotel channel management system, there are several factors to consider:

  • One critical criterion is speed and flexibility, as it enables efficient and timely updates across multiple channels
  • Another important aspect to evaluate is the distribution network of the channel manager. SiteMinder, for example, is known for its unparalleled global distribution network
  • It's also crucial to look for a hotel channel manager that offers seamless integration with major OTAs and advanced analytics, such as Aiosell
  • User-friendly interface is another consideration, especially for small accommodation providers
  • Considering the uptime and support provided by the channel manager is vital
  • check for its reliable system with 99.7% uptime and 24x7 multi-lingual support

The right hotel channel management system will depend on the specific needs and requirements of your hotel.

Introducing Aiosell: The Best Hotel Channel Manager

  • Extremely simple & easy to set up new OTA connections
  • Single Login with Aiosell PMS and other modules in All in One System
  • Can directly increase hotel business by 30% with Dynamic Pricing & RMS
  • Connected to all major OTA, along with alternate accommodation
  • Rates are integrated with the Booking Engine, Google Free Links
  • Uses the latest API for OTA connections
  • Detailed Logs available for each update
  • API connectivity available for PMS technology partners
  • Ability to create multiple users with permissions/privileges
  • Seamless integration with real-time Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management system

Streamline your Hotel Management with Aiosell

Aiosell is a trailblazer in the realm of channel management, offering a comprehensive approach to managing sales, inventory, and pricing across multiple channels seamlessly. If you’re looking to streamline your hotel channel management system while reaching to a wider customer base. We are providing you with an all-in-one channel management platform that empowers your business to streamline your operation and gain a holistic view of your e-commerce ecosystem. Sign up and experience the possibilities of hospitality business growth in this competitive market.

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