How to Handle Hotel Guest Complaints and Deal With Angry Guests

There are various situations in which the hotel staff has to face angry guests due to some unfortunate case or circumstances. It might be due to the cleanliness, billing, services, etc. Angry guests or guest complaints are quite common problems that arise in the hospitality industry which have to be addressed properly to make a lasting impression on guests. With effective strategies and proper management, hoteliers can turn a negative experience into a positive one because guest satisfaction is a crucial factor for hotel success. Let’s delve deeper into best practices for handling hotel guest complaints and managing angry guests. Also, the role of revenue management tools in such situations.

Understanding The Importance Of Guest Satisfaction

We will be going to discuss the appropriate procedure or strategies to handle complaints. But before that, it is essential to understand the concept of guest satisfaction for a seamless hotel management business. It is because the satisfied customer always leads to more business, as they will become repeat customers and also recommend hotels to others, which is a great contribution to word-of-mouth marketing. Contrary, unhappy or angry guests can greatly affect the hotel's reputation and revenue by leaving negative reviews or remarks.

Common Hotel Guest Complaints And How To Handle Them

The worldwide hospitality industry receives a wide range of complaints from its customers that vary from industry to industry. However, the most common complaints a hotel receives from its guests are cleanliness, slow service, billing errors, noise disturbance, and others. Besides, such complaints can ruin the hotel's reputation hence hotel management staff need to be prepared to address such circumstances promptly and effectively.

  • Prompt response and acknowledgment

When a guest approaches the front desk or contacts the hotel manager with a complaint, the first and foremost step is to acknowledge the issue promptly. Train your staff to listen actively to the guest’s concerns without interrupting them. Also, assure them that their complaint will be addressed immediately.

  • Empathize and apologize

Empathy has a great impact in diffusing tense situations with angry guests. You need to provide proper training to your staff so that they can empathize with guest’s experience and apologize sincerely, even if the hotel is not entirely at fault. A genuine apology always calms down an angry guest and goes a long way in handling the situation.

  • Investigate and resolve

After acknowledging the complaint and expressing empathy, the next step is to investigate the issues thoroughly. For instance, if the guest complains about a noisy room then check the noise levels and take appropriate action. Offering a room change or addressing the source of the noise are the most appropriate steps you can take to resolve the issue.

  • Offer compensation or solutions

In some cases, offering compensation or solutions can help to resolve the situation and appease angry guests. This could include offers like complimentary services, room upgrades, discounts in future stays, or refunds for legitimate grievances. However, it is necessary to ensure that the compensation offered aligns with the severity of the issue and hotel policies.

  • Follow-up and feedback

After resolving a guest complaint, following up with the guest to ensure their satisfaction is a must-perform step. It is because this demonstrates that the hotel values their feedback and is committed to improving its services and guest experience. As well as encourage guests to provide feedback through online review platforms and surveys, this will help you to gain insights for further improvements.

Adopt Revenue Management Tools To Elevate The Guest Experience With Aiosell

Technological advancement leads hotelier to adopt the latest technology and cutting-edge tools in their hotel management operations, one such solution is revenue management tools. Revenue management tools indirectly contributes to guest satisfaction through its modernized features and functionalities. It assists hoteliers in optimizing pricing strategies, managing inventory, and maximizing revenue potential. It also validates staff training and other initiatives to improve guest stay and experience.

For instance, Aiosell’s revenue management tool uses AI algorithms to set rates based on supply, demand, and competition. It helps to automate the alteration of rates in real time i.e. 24/7 and 365 days. The prices generated by the software are fully based on data of external and internal factors. Internal factors include occupancy, seasonality, and booking windows while external factors refer to the booking demand, competition rates, and time of the booking. With these features tool helps to update the pricing with justification which eventually leads to satisfied guests with the pricing issues. Other features of the tool also help to elevate the guest experience.

Additionally, Aiosell offers a complete range of hotel management tools to streamline hotel business operations. It helps to ensure the efficiency of your management system which always results in happy guests. So choose Aiosell a revenue management company as well as a hotel management solutions provider to prevent angry guest situations or proper handling of guest complaints.


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