Update Your Availability on All Channels in Real-time

Aiosell’s hotel channel manager connects your property with more than 100 OTAs across the world, enabling you to post inventory rates and retrieve bookings in real-time. With a user-friendly channel manager, hotel owners can tap into a much wider market and sell maximum rooms possible on multiple channels. Switch to Aiosell and say goodbye to uneven distributions and over bookings!


With Hotel Channel Manager You Can


Eliminate Manual Errors

Automation eliminates human errors caused due to manual rate adjustments and inventory refill updates.


Maximize Hotel Sales

The always-on channel manager integrates with a wide network of connected OTAs to expand your market reach and increase your conversions.


Avoid Over Bookings

A central reservation system and an intuitive dashboard track inventory and rates in real time to save you the stress and cost of over bookings.


Take Data-Driven Decisions

Accurate reports track every detail in real-time - from inventory, room rates and reservations to direct booking sources, confirmations and cancellations; helping you save time and make profitable decisions.


Increase Business Even During Offseason

Dynamic pricing publishes the best rates in real-time to attract bookings even during low demand periods.


Parity Assurance

Just one update ensures that the same room rates and inventories of all room categories are reflected across all online travel portals to achieve parity.


Outperform Your Competitors

Track your top competitor’s room rates and compare prices to optimize a distribution strategy that maximizes your hotel’s online sales.


Monitor Pricing & Performance

With insightful analytics available at your fingertips, it becomes easy to analyze room rates and evaluate OTA performance. This enables you to adjust sell limits accordingly, operate more efficiently and boost revenue.

3 Must-Haves in a Hotel Channel Manager

If you want to enjoy benefits beyond increased hotel bookings with zero efforts, then invest in a hotel channel manager that includes:


Multiple Channel Integrations:

Your hotel channel manager should connect you to multiple OTAs in order to tap into a larger market area. It should also allow you to post inventory, increase rates and retrieve bookings in real-time so you can eliminate the risk of double bookings and over bookings.

Data Driven Reporting:

A channel manager should give you accurate insights on solid data to help you to monitor, measure, and manage the performance of your channels, analyze direct booking trends and take critical decisions.


Assistance & Product Training:

The channel manager you choose should provide you with all-time support and product training in order to help you understand and navigate the system efficiently and make the most of it.


A hotel distribution channel is an online booking site, a central distribution system, or an online travel agency that allows travelers to book hotels online.
A hotel's online hotel channel manager connects your property to a much wider audience by integrating with online distribution channels across the world, thereby increasing your hotel sales and occupancy.
Managing rates, inventory distribution and reservations on multiple channels manually is tedious and time-consuming especially during seasonal peaks. Hotel channel manager makes this challenging task a total breeze even with spiraling demand for rooms. The hotel channel manager consistently monitors bookings trends and posts competitive room rates in real-time to generate maximum reservations. A hotel channel manager streamlines the entire process of posting inventory and rates with a single-click inventory updation.
Aiosell is comprehensive hotel revenue management software that comes with a complete suite of property management systems to suit the unique selling needs of different hotels. So if you have any specific requirements, please check with us.
Yes. A hotel channel manager will automatically stop selling rooms on all OTAs once your property is fully booked.