Trinity Hostels, Minsk uses Aiosell Dynamic Pricing

Trinity Hostels, Minsk uses Aiosell Dynamic Pricing


Trinity Hostels is located in Minsk, Belarus only 50m from the Svislach River while the famous Minsk Tears Island is a 5-minute walk from the hostel. Decorated in classic Bohemian style, rooms at Trinity Hostel have bunk beds, AC, wooden flooring, shared kitchenette, and free Wifi. With a variety of caf├ęs and shops close by, the hostels are a preferred choice amongst students, millennials, and value-conscious travelers.

The Problem

Since Trinity hostel had 58 rooms which were sold in four separate price bands, there were too many permutations & combinations of pricing options. The process of changing prices manually was too cumbersome, and hence the owners were not able to cope with changing market trends. The management realized that an automated pricing and inventory management was required to optimize revenues and profits.

The Solution

Trinity hostels were using Bnovo, a popular property management system in Russia. Since Aiosell has an existing integration with Bnovo, the system was introduced to the hotel. Aiosell was made live with Trinity within 2 days, and started using the power of automated pricing, which gave weightage to all dynamic factors (occupancy, day of the week, seasonality, lead time and time of the booking). The system was able to cope with all different permutations of pricing strategy keeping all seasons and weekdays into account, and owners could breathe a sigh of relief and watch their prices change automatically to maximize their revenues.

The Results

Trinity hostel could see an increase in occupancy and revenues by associating with Aiosell in the first few months and the automation saved them > 30% manhours.

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