Top 6 Hospitality Management Software Features

The main goal of deploying hospitality management software is to maximise the performance and efficiency of your company. And in order to do that, it's crucial that you, as a hotelier, are aware of the greatest options available on the market that have features suitable for your company.

Small and mid-sized hotel facilities are still utilising an antiquated, manual procedure that only serves to reduce their efficiency, whereas the majority of major hotel chains have switched to adopting a dependable, cloud-based hospitality management system. If you, as a hotelier, are still debating whether you should switch to an effective hospitality management software, let us assist you in making your decision by outlining benefits of switching to an internet cloud-based hotel management system.

Like buying a car, selecting a hotel management system can be challenging because there are so many elements to consider. It can also be challenging to acquire reliable information regarding which features of a PMS are most important.

Veteran hoteliers frequently compare how a hotel operates to a duck on a lake. The duck appears calm and composed above the water, but its legs are kicking frantically underneath it. Staff must appear calm and comfortable in the midst of the chaos because guests are frequently stressed out by their own travel plans or are wanting to completely escape tension while on vacation.

Let's begin with the fundamentals. These characteristics are absolute necessities for any contemporary hotelier who wants to use digital technologies to enhance the guest experience, increase the effectiveness of back-office operations, and create enduring relationships with visitors.

Better reservation engine

Any hotel must have a fully automated, practically error-free, human-error-free hotel management procedure in order to function. The demand for hotel rooms in every category has risen as a result of the dramatic growth in passengers. In fact, in order to provide excellent user experiences and commission-free bookings, small to mid-sized hotels can no longer disregard the necessity for a hospitality management system software with a simple user interface. The Booking System is on par, if not superior to, any OTA website. You can take advantage of direct guest bookings through their system, and the inventory that is sold directly is likewise updated on OTA websites. OTAs won't oversell or undersell the inventory as a result.

Magical business growth insights

Insights and analytics on your data and income are actually needed to grow your firm. Insights that take into consideration each source of your revenue and database should be part of your search for the best hospitality management software. You can find software that gives you a crucial analytics tool, such as Property Management Platform. With the help of our analytics package, you can pre-define pricing for various room types and different booking sources based on your high and low seasons. Even further, you may find out the pricing according to the different meal plans and hotel occupancy rates.

This software also enables you to map growth through utilization together with your sales growth and source mapping. View in-depth analytics that displays the sources of reservations, the type of reservations made from each source, and the money generated from each source. The software offers a comprehensive set for the hotelier to track client information. This database includes information about guests, agents, bookings, and inquiries. It can be exported to Spreadsheets and utilised for various marketing campaigns and promotions. The insights platform for the hotel management software is an all-inclusive analytics solution for your data as well as your revenue.

Using a single interface to manage all of your properties

When the POS is integrated with your PMS, managing your hotel property is made simpler. While the PMS enables you to precisely manage the 360-degree operation of your hotel as well as the distribution of merchandise across numerous channels, the POS enables you to control every small transaction made on hotel property. Every element, from your restaurant to your spa, is properly handled, and the process of creating the POS invoice is completed as well.

This PMS, which has a user-friendly interface and is more effective than other software, serves as both your professional front desk application and a comprehensive hospitality management application. Additionally, these products work with a variety of gadgets.

Management of reputation and reviews

It's common knowledge that your online reputation has a direct impact on your earnings. And using a powerful online reputation management system is the best approach to managing and moderating each and every comment a guest makes about your hotel. You may get insights and reviews for your hotel across all platforms with the help of rating tools. Additionally, in addition to accumulating reviews, it also promotes more recent ones and enables you to respond to them. With the aid of our hospitality management system, it is also possible for you to have a bird's eye perspective of the positive aspects and problems of your hotel.

Internet presence and advertising

Hotels frequently don't appear on OTA platforms or varying speeds are shown on various OTA systems. The hotel can publish its rates and a link to its website's reservation form on the metasearch website, nevertheless, by joining it. Putting hotels on the same footing with the major players encourages direct bookings at the hotel. Additionally, hotels are able to compete for their positioning on metasearch websites, giving them a significant amount of control over where their hotel appears in search results.

Tool for competitive price intelligence

The price awareness or rate consumer feature is one of the most noticeable components of a hospitality management system that is now gaining traction among hotels. It provides hoteliers with information about their market, rivals, and own pricing strategy. In order to monitor patterns and simplify their price in line with upcoming trends, hotels will be able to record competitive pricing in the form of an easy-to-use data table with the aid of an efficient rate shopper.


Working with the property maintenance platform will help your company expand tremendously. It all comes down to providing hoteliers with cutting-edge technologies that will help them excel.

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