Hotel Automation: Reduce Manpower Costs by Automating Bookings, Check ins, Reservations and More


What is Hotel Automation?

Hotel automation uses technology to automate tasks in operating and marketing the hotel while providing the guest with a superior experience. Automated tasks can range from reaching out to customers, deciding room prices, taking reservations, checking in a customer, interacting with a customer, providing bills, checking out a customer, in-house services, and post checkout experience. 

Benefits of Using Hotel Automation

Advances in hotel technology have led to an increasing number of processes that can be automated. More and more hotel owners are looking into the idea of automation as a way to reduce labour costs, improve customer experience and increase profits.

Automation streamlines processes within your hotel business, which helps save a significant amount of money in the short and long term. The biggest cost savings from automation is saving in manpower costs through optimal resource utilisation while providing the same quality of services.
Let’s take a look at a few areas where automation can minimise your manpower utilisation and bring about greater efficiencies:

  1. Contactless Automated Check ins and Check outs
    Check in and check out processes that keep the front desk busy and the customers waiting can be automated to make them more efficient. Automated check in and check out processes are not only contactless (keeping in mind the pandemic-driven health and safety protocols) but ensures that they do not tie down your staff to one location. Your staff is free to provide other important services and ensure a better customer experience. Additionally, through automated check ins and check outs, guests can quickly proceed to their rooms or check out the hotel without spending time at the front desk.

  2. Better, Instant and Personalised Communication Between Client and Staff
    Automated processes have opened the doors to better client involvement and clearer communication. A hotel automation software allows your guests and staff to interact more effectively through its built-in client portals. Guests can request any type of services (housekeeping, laundry, or maintenance) without visiting or calling the busy front desk. Traditionally, guests would call or visit the front desk requesting a service. The front desk executive would then delegate the task to the relevant person. Hotel automation eliminates the need for a middleman, allowing guests to contact the relevant person directly. This means you save time and money on staffing costs.

  3. Cut in Operational Costs
  4. Inefficient operations and outdated processes could mean that you are operating with more staff than you require. By leveraging hotel automation, you can cut your staffing costs by more than half. Additionally, energy cost is a significant portion of your operational costs. By implementing energy control automation in guest rooms, you can monitor and control energy consumption. This makes your hotel energy-efficient and reduces your operational costs even further.
  5. Overall Control of Your Hotel Operations
  6. Hotel automation tools easily integrate with your existing PMS systems, thus creating a centralised hub giving you full control over your hotel operations. The hotel automation system empowers you to control the following from a single dashboard:
    Moreover, you empower your guests to personalise their stay while you retain the ultimate control to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security.
  7. Standardisation of Processes
  8. Hotel automation software allows you to send automated alerts and rules to ensure that everyone is on the same page about their job responsibilities and what’s expected from them, how and when. This makes the process faster and more efficient. Moreover, hotel automation allows you to standardise the internal service processes. This helps ensure that clear guidelines and processes are in place and are communicated to the staff.
  9. Detailed Data Reporting and Analysis
  10. Hotel automation gives you valuable insights into the efficiency of your processes. It helps you understand how to improve or streamline your internal processes: what operational bottlenecks you are facing? Are your guest requests handled on time, within the pre-set timeframes? With its built-in reporting features, automation software empowers you with data to create reports and analyses and make informed decisions to improve your hotel operational efficiency.
  11. Reduce Human Error
  12. It’s no secret that to err is human. But when human error occurs in the workplace, especially when recording information or reporting data, it can have a domino effect on hotel business’ infrastructure, reputation, customer relationships, or processes. Automation software takes the human component out of these crucial yet menial tasks to introduce machine-level accuracy and reliability in your operations while saving time and costs. Increase the mobility and efficiency of your hotel business with Aiosell’s intelligent automated revenue management. Aiosell is an all in one system that can automate all tasks of marketing and operating a hotel, using simple to use cloud-based technology. Process of revenue management, content management, reservation, check in, check out, and guest services can all be automated using a simple mobile app. Aiosell can transform your inefficient, disconnected, and isolated processes into streamlined, integrated, and simpler workflows using automation tools. When you automate tasks with Aiosell, you:
    • Reduce the amount of time your staff spends on unnecessary tasks
    • Shrink the chances of human error
    • Allow your guests to have an exceptional customer experience
    • Operate more efficiently
    • Reduce costs and increase profits
    • Keep track of information and make informed decisions

    Aiosell can help you get tasks done in less time, with less manpower and more success. From front desk to revenue management, every process is quicker, simpler, and more connected with Aiosell. Try it for free!

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