Four Well-Liked Free And Open-Source Hotel Management Software Options

Being gracious often comes at no cost is wonderful. Just recall all the occasions when friends and relatives brought you over and freely provided food, support, and guidance.

Although the hospitality sector is a little less altruistic, a hotel operation operates on a similar principle: quality service should always be provided, regardless of the cost of the room.

This is the standard that hotel management software solutions strive for. Some solutions do this by offering excellent customer service or a simple user interface. Most software charges a fee or associated expense to provide these functions. Others, like your pals, provide it without charge.

Even the smallest operators have the choice to select a tool that is appropriate for both them and their company thanks to open source and free hotel software.

You'll have an understanding of some of the most well-liked choices accessible for free hotel channel manager software by the time you've finished reading this article, along with the benefits and drawbacks of free and open-source hotel management software.

The lowdown

Free hotel management software providers derive their income in a few different ways. They either restrict the features you may use in the free software, making it more likely that you'll upgrade to a paid version, or they charge a tiny commission on each completed booking made using their programme.

Hotel chains and vacation rental enterprises are the target market.

Positives: It's free. There are few things better than that.

Cons: Free hospitality management system versions frequently exclude crucial capabilities that establishments might employ to expand. Additionally, many free systems have a limit on the total number of users that can be active at once. Additionally, you might only have a few integration possibilities.

Once you've made the decision to employ free hotel management software, it's crucial to assess the alternatives that are out there.

But don't worry. In order to help you choose which free online hotel software solution is best for you and return to concentrating on your guests, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each solution alphabetically below. Let's start now.

Hotel KW Free

The hotel management system for your small to midsize hospitality business can be KWHotel. The free package has a constrained range because it can only be used by one workstation, but it provides all the essential features required to qualify for this list.

You're in luck if your motel is extremely small and can get by with only one workstation. Additionally, the full edition of the software offers many more sophisticated capabilities if you decide you like the programme after utilising the free version. You'll gain multi-module capabilities including extremely graphic calendar-based overviews of reservations with the complete version. Additionally, you'll gain access to group reservations, meal planning, multi-computer use, and an editable calendar.


A free hotel and hostel property management system developed for small to midsize hospitality industry firms is available from NOBEDS. Through a series of thorough reports that the programme provides, you'll be able to handle consumer reservations across numerous booking platforms while also tracking employee activity.

The calendar tool will allow both your team and potential clients to view the availability or openings and make bookings. Direct booking confirmations can be tailored and personalised to express anything special, such as sending a unique message or providing directions to your hotel, and are automatically sent to your customers by email or SMS.

Hotel Druid

An open source, web-based platform for managing hotel reservations called Hotel Druid offers features for controlling bookings, availability, inventory, pricing, and other factors. For small to midsize hotel establishments, it is a property management solution. Any sort of hotel or lodging can use the platform, including big, multi-location hotels and private vacation homes.

Although Hotel Druid is entirely web-based, Windows and Linux users can download backups for use locally. Through online hosting, users can access the platform using any internet-capable device, including desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

Hotel managers and staff may control online reservations using Hotel Druid, automatically assign rooms based on pre-set rules, and figure out room rates depending on factors like the number of guests, the number of days, the number of people, the season, any special discounts, taxes, and more.

Qlo Apps

A hotel booking engine and free open source reservation management system, Qlo Apps. The cloud-based platform offers a number of features that enable hotel businesses to handle reservations, inventory, payments, channels, refunds, discounts, and other aspects from a single location.

Users may synchronise and manage all hotel listing data, such as pricing, inventory, and availability, across numerous internet channels with the Qlo Apps Channel Manager in hotel industry.

Businesses may create and launch a branded website using Qlo Apps, and customers can make online reservations using the integrated booking system.

The technology also allows for the management of offline reservations. This typically indicates that staff members can manually manage walk-in reservations through the hotel reservation system. The Qlo Apps reservation system offers details on pricing, hotel capacity, and available rooms.

Through the connection of PayPal, Qlo Apps also makes it easier to process payments, and consumers can choose to make partial payments in order to book rooms in advance.

The platform also offers administration of order cancellations, tax management, room re - allocation, email alerts, discount administration, pricing rules management, and guest testimonials and reviews.

The fact that Qlo Apps cannot be deployed on mobile devices and does not allow password encryption are potential drawbacks.


When choosing hotel management software, there are other factors to take into account besides price.

When looking for hospitality management software, it's crucial to take into account the ease of use, training, installation, specialised features your company might require, available support choices, and integrations with other vital software you use. Additionally, you probably don't need to be reminded that since the hotel sector focuses on providing excellent customer service, if a particular solution isn't the best one for your company, it's also likely to be the wrong one for your clients.

Many hospitality companies will discover that free and open-source hotel management software systems will meet their demands, but if you find that these solutions are lacking crucial features that you believe your company needs to succeed, don't be afraid to look into a more powerful commercial option.

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