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There are very few jobs that might be as difficult and thankless as that of a hotel manager - you get no credit for all your excellent work and the fires you may have put off. Still, you get all the blame for any mishaps or terrible guest experiences that somehow happened through no fault of your own. In a world where everything seems to be just waiting to go wrong, a hotel property management system can be your one best friend that shall never fail you.

However, not all property management systems (PMS) are the same - some are far better built, secure, and convenient than others, as making an intense PMS is more like an art rather than an exact science. We shall discuss how you can find the best PMS for your hotels; however, let us first cover some basics.

So what is a PMS anyway, and why do you need it?

A property management system is software that can act as a single system on which you can manage your entire property - in this case; the property is your hotel, motel, properties, experimental lodgings, BnBs, etc. All PMS usually provide essential functions worth the name: reservation management, performance monitoring, analytics, etc. While many PMS deliver these services, the quality of service can vary a lot from one PMS to another.

However, a mere glimpse at those functions should persuade you to at least give PMS software some thought. The following, in some detail, are some of the key benefits of using PMS:

● Makes your hotels look modern - In a world where digitalization has become the norm, your hotel will look like a place out of time if its services are not digitalized enough. Introducing PMS can help digitalized services like reservations, answering inquiries, etc. The very sight of computers will give your hotel a modern and sleek look.

● Reduces physical contact - COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard. It has also made it crucial to keep the point of physical contact between employees and customers minimum - whatever industry one may work in. While it is not always possible to eliminate physical contact in an industry like hospitality, PMS can do things like digitalize payments, booking confirmation, etc. All of this can reduce the points of physical communication between employees and guests.

● Simpler, smoother, and faster guest experience -
Getting PMS for your enterprise means that the whole experience from booking to checking out is much softer, simpler, and faster for your guests.

● Data analytics -
The hospitality industry sees a lot of competition, so one must stay at the top of things. PMS provides a smoother flow of data - your most valuable asset- and turns the raw data into meaningful, actionable information based on data analytics.

Here it must be noted that the advantages provided by PMS are too many to be listed here. However, we hope this list will convince you to try PMS software. As mentioned above, choosing only the best PMS is also essential. Now, let us see how one can identify the best PMS.

Choosing the best PMS

The following are some of the most important considerations while getting a sound property management system for your hotels:

● Services provided - Different PMS vendors have different product models; some provide multiple products for other products, while Aiosell offers various products under a single system. While both types of services can do the job, an ability to manage the other services in a single system can significantly reduce redundancies and smoothen operations.
● Affordability - A PMS is something one has to pay consistently. While a potent PMS can increase your revenue, you must respect the size of your pockets and only go for a PMS you can afford. That, however, doesn't mean we are asking you to go for the cheapest PMS - on the contrary, we recommend you go for the best PMS you can afford, even if it is slightly expensive.
● Multi-property management - Many PMS is only built for managing a single hotel. However, that is not always the case. If one wishes to work with a whole chain of hotels, there are valuable advantages to be gained by collecting them through a single system. Thus if one is in control of multiple hotels or aspires to be, one should look for PMS software that can handle whole chains rather than a single hotel.
● Experience - When it comes to vendors providing PMS, experience is one of the most valuable aspects to look for. One should only go for a PMS vendor with several years of experience in the industry across different parts of the world; a vendor might be best placed to understand your hotel's unique needs.
● Integrity with OTA - The last but not the least important aspect to consider while choosing the ideal PMS vendor for your enterprise is how well it integrates with your Online Travel Agents (OTAs) because many PMS software suffers when it comes to this essential service.

The above tips will help you find the best PMS for your enterprise. We wish you the best of luck in this search.

The Bottom Line

One can wrap up the above discussion by concluding that property management systems are powerful tools in the hands of hotel management, and it shall be anarchic practice not to adopt a system in your enterprise. However, it is equally crucial to go for only the best PMS one can find. Aiosell can be one such powerful PMS; it has experience serving property and hotels of all sizes and types in over 30 countries across the globe. As a result, our PMS hotel software is the best you can go for.
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