Is Your Hotel Channel Manager Working as Hard as It Could?

In today's fast-paced world of the hospitality industry, it's essential to have an efficient channel manager in order to maximize revenue and effectively manage distribution. But is your current channel manager living up to its full potential? With the advent of cloud-based hotel management systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, there are now tools that can take your channel management capabilities to the next level.

These integrated systems offer connectivity, real-time updates and centralized control, allowing hoteliers to streamline operations and optimize revenue generation. In this article, we will explore the benefits of cloud-based hotel management systems and ERP solutions in enhancing the performance of your hotel channel manager.

What is a Hotel Channel Manager?

A hotel channel manager is a software tool used by hotels and other accommodation providers to manage and distribute their inventory across various online distribution channels. It helps hotels sell and manage rooms online through third-party and direct booking channels while automating manual tasks.

Having one of the best channel management software like Aiosell allows hotels to expand their reach and increase online bookings, as well as easily manage rates, availability, and reservations. It is designed to help hotel owners effectively manage customer data, online inventory, and price rates. Typically, a channel manager is a cloud-based application that distributes a hotel's rooms, rates, and availability to all connected channels.

How Does a Channel Manager Work?

  • A channel manager updates a property's distribution data across all connected channels in real-time.
  • It automatically updates availability, pricing, and stay restrictions on online booking sites when changes occur.
  • The updates are made without human intervention and managed from a centralized dashboard.
  • It uses two-way sync via XML to connect to each channel's extranet and push updates and import reservations/cancellations.
  • It uses a pooled inventory model to prevent double bookings and ensure real-time availability.
  • It performs tasks like inventory allotment, channel mapping, and PMS updates.
  • It connects directly to a property management system, delivering new reservations without manual intervention.
  • It saves time, increases bookings, and facilitates easy distribution of room inventory.
  • It improves market reach and visibility, leading to higher occupancy.
  • It optimizes revenue management with smart pricing strategies and upsell integrations.
  • It allows for optimal distribution by selecting the right sales channels and adapting the channel mix.
  • It saves money and time by streamlining distribution processes and emphasizing lower-cost channels first.
  • It requires considerations such as connectivity, channel partners, functionalities, and PMS integration when choosing software.

Why is it Important to use a Channel Manager?

Increased reach and visibility

A channel manager allows businesses to list and manage their properties across multiple online booking platforms or channels, such as Expedia, Vrbo, Airbnb, and more.

Time and cost efficiency

By automating the distribution system on partnership websites, a channel management solution reduces the chance of missed opportunities and eliminates the need to manually log into multiple extranets multiple times a day.

Seamless integration

Using a hotel channel manager, like Aiosell's best channel management software, ensures that any changes made in the property management system are synchronized with the channel manager and then updated across all online platforms, providing a seamless and consistent experience for customers.

Optimize return on investment

Successful channel management allows businesses to attract more customers, increase sales, and form profitable relationships with partners.

Data-driven decisions

Using a channel manager allows hotel businesses to have up-to-date information and analysis, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding managing inventory determining pricing strategies, and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Hotel Channel Management Software

When choosing hotel channel management software, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  • Connectivity: Look for a channel management platform that offers advanced API connections with two-way synchronization. This allows for real-time updates and eliminates the need for on-property technology.
  • Channel partners: Choose a provider that connects to a wide range of booking sites and global markets. Ensure that the software can connect to big-name OTAs, niche OTAs, meta-search engines, and GDS. Check if there are any additional fees or commissions for connecting to more channels.
  • Functionalities: Look for software that is user-friendly, intuitive, and designed for self-service. Consider additional features such as payment processing, multi-currency support, reporting capabilities, and multiple user roles.
  • PMS & Booking engine integration: Ensure that the hotel channel manager can integrate seamlessly with your property management system and direct booking engine. This integration allows for synchronized data and streamlines operations.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best channel management software that meets your hotel's specific needs and helps optimize your distribution strategy.

How to Find the Right Hotel Channel Manager Provider?

  • Evaluate your hotel's specific needs and requirements.
  • Research and compare different channel manager providers.
  • Consider factors such as functionality, user friendly, integration capabilities, and customer support.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Request demos or trials to test the software.
  • Consider the pricing and payment options.
  • Choose a provider that offers seamless integration with your existing systems.
  • Ensure the provider has a good reputation and a track record of success.

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