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Aiosell is a fully integrated cloud based Hotel Management System & Hotel PMS used by 600+ properties in 40+ countries that can make your hospitality business successful.

• Extremely easy to use
• All Modules available in One System
• Excellent Value for Money
• Developed by hotel owners

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Key Modules in Aiosell Hotel Management System

Front Desk & Reservations Management System

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Channel Manager

Revenue Management System

Point of Sale System

Reviews & Reputation Management System

Multi-Property & Chain hotels management

Purchase & Inventory Management

Expenses & Accounting System

Hotel Website & Booking Engine

HR & Employee Management System

CRM & Leads Management System

Why is Aiosell PMS #1 Hotel Management System?

  • Extremely simple and easy to use with minimum training.
  • Single Login for All Modules (seamless transition from one module to another.
  • Can directly increase business by 30% with Dynamic Pricing & RMS.
  • Ability to create multiple users with permissions / privileges
  • Fully integrated Accounting, Stores, Purchases, Expenses and Cash book system.
  • Analytics, Reports, Profit & Loss Statement calculated automatically
  • HR & Employee Management Module included.
  • Automated Night Audit & No Show Marking in OTAs
  • Guest CRM using emails, SMS and Whatsapp messages
  • IOT Devices integrated to measure occupancy & electricity consumption
Extremely simple and easy to use with simplistic design and no clutter.
Can directly increase business by more than 30%.
All in One System available under one login - seamless transition from one product to another
Integration with Accounting System:
  • Tax details like GST auto-filled from OTAs to invoice to accounting system
Integration with Channel Manager:
  • Bookings from all OTAs are auto-filled in PMS
  • No Shows & Cancellations are automatically synced from PMS and Channel Manager
  • Repetitive tasks like Night Audit & Auto Checkout are done automatically
Integration with Pricing System:
  • Dynamic Pricing integrated into PMS for Walk-ins & Corporates
  • All Pricing breakups including commission, amounts to be paid calculated.
All In One System:
  • Reviews & Reputation Manager integrated
  • Booking Engine & Website integrated
  • Analytics & reporting integrated

How Does a Hotel PMS Work?

A hotel PMS integrates with various modules in a hotel and streamlines every process. It’s directly responsible for internal services such as front-desk operations, back-office management, point-of-sale services, customer data extraction and management, yield management, and housekeeping. Moreover, it is connected to a central reservation system that manages reservations through the website and online travel agencies. PMS is a comprehensive tool that offers 2-way connectivity with the revenue manager and the pricing system while automating the internal processes in a hotel.


Ease of integration is a critical deciding factor when choosing a PMS. Ensure that the PMS you choose plays well with the mission-critical software that you already have. Seamless integration with revenue manager and the pricing system renders faster and more accurate hotel management.

Room Inventory Management

An effective PMS should allow you effective Hotel Inventory Management by letting you access both current and upcoming inventory status and update it in real-time. It must also allocate hotel rooms automatically to guests and facilitate room change.

Point-of-Sale Service

A hotel PMS should be able to integrate with third-party point-of-sale software to allow flexible payment processing and point-of-sale services. It should allow you to include additional bills against add-on services such as gym, spa, mini-bar items, etc. in the main bill.

Rate Management

An essential feature of a hotel property management system is intuitive rate management. Your PMS should take into account various factors such as demand, sales competitor pricing, occupancy, and seasons to suggest the right room rates. It must also give you the freedom to create a pricing strategy on the front desk and update it on all marketing channels.

Distribution Over Channels

The PMS must have two-way connectivity with a channel manager. This ensures that the rates and availabilities are automatically pushed from the property management system to the channel manager, which later publishes them across all sales channels or OTAs.

Customer Support and Feedback

Your property management software must have built-in communication features to cater to your guests. It should send booking confirmation or cancellation emails and SMSs to your guests automatically so that there is no communication gap and zero scope of human error.


With a cloud-based PMS, you can achieve greater efficiency. It ensures that all your data is in one place, and every process is streamlined without the need for additional hardware or software.

Data Analytics

An integrated PMS must allow Hotel data analysis under various aspects such as ROI, booking patterns, and customer behaviour. This streamlines the process by helping you understand your shortcomings and also equips you with the knowledge to make better and smarter decisions that lead to increased profit.

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How Can Aiosell Help?

Aiosell offers cloud-based hotel PMS software that easily integrates with various hotel management tools and results in greater efficiency. It is responsible for all internal hotel operations such as inventory management, staff management, point-of-sale services, and much more. It also fetches data from the revenue manager and pricing system so that price, room inventory, and occupancy can be updated internally in real-time. Here’s what makes Aiosell’s PMS software a prime choice:
  • All-in-one solution
  • No IT or hardware costs
  • Easy setup
  • Data security
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Easy integration with third-party tools
  • Data backup
A common goal that hoteliers share is serving guests better, and Aiosell’s property management system helps you do exactly that and much more.

Aiosell: The Best Online PMS Software For Enjoying The Right Experience

A property management system (PMS) is a piece of software that manages the operations of hotels and commercial and residential rental properties and may also serve as its hotel revenue management solutions. In addition to manufacturing, municipal government, and manufacturing, best PMS system is used. A hotel operating system, or hotel OS, is another name for a property management system.

Hotel management software is a centralized computer system that helps lodging firms plan, schedule, and conduct day-to-day activities and transactions including its PMS property management system in hotel. By allowing users to update and examine centralized records from numerous computers and devices, computer record keeping and hotel PMS software have considerably boosted the efficiency of the hospitality industry. To make operations even easier, hotel management software systems have been tailored to the demands of the hotel sector. It is highly recommended that you should only buy custom PMS hotel software.

The advantages of hotel property management on the cloud

The consumer's travel trip begins with the selection of a location and the booking of a hotel. Their pre-stay shopping and booking interactions, on-property interactions with the hotel and its employees, in-room experience, and post-stay social media reviews are all part of their guest experience. Holistic hotel PMS systems can integrate your business with this experience to offer you an advantage over your competitors.

Hoteliers have a difficult task: offering a customized client experience while running a profitable property. Property management software systems now assist hoteliers in providing the experience their customers desire while also efficiently managing their operations. The advantages of using a hotel property management system are numerous. Some of the chief advantages of PMS in software are listed below:

Simple hotel check-in/out

Using mobile-enabled cloud-based hotel property management software (PMS system hotel) or hotel software management, provide service to your visitors at any time and from any location. Allow your front-desk employees to check visitors in, allocate rooms, activate guest services, and check guests out from any location with internet access. The property management system in hotel will make the check-in and check-out experience hassle-free and effortless for your guests.

When guests check out, immediate updates on housekeeping mobile devices increase housekeeping efficiency, freeing up rooms for cleaning. Increase room management flexibility and increase reaction time for room service duties. Identify and manage room maintenance requirements, ensuring that rooms are clean and in good working order. Thus, effective use of hotel property management system shall also ensure that the period between guest checking out and room being available for another guest to check in is optimised and minimised.

Hotel back-office systems that work together

Prebuilt interfaces to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payment gateways, hotel industry apps, and property infrastructure devices connect operational and financial processes. Accounts receivable and commission processing should be integrated with property management software in hotel. For speedier, more accurate invoicing, ensure correct guest folios.

A Hotel Management System with such features helps better coordinate the working of the various systems within the hotel to turn the whole hotel into a well-oiled and automatic machine. Using hotel PMS software in this way also makes the flow of information across various departments smooth.

Hotel distribution that works

Another function of hotel management software is that it Increases hotel occupancy and ADR across distribution channels by managing rates and availability in real-time. A hotel PMS software increases revenues via direct booking channels on the brand's website empowered by online PMS hotel software. PMS in software has helped businesses in the hospitality business bring significant improvements in their revenues. That turns hotel PMS systems into an investment, rather than an expense, which more than pays for itself in terms of increased revenue.

Information about visitors

With reporting and analytics from our property management system software, you can centralize and safeguard customer data while also improving the quality and accuracy of visitor profiles. To develop more tailored bundles and services, you must first understand client purchasing behaviours. Ensure that national and international data privacy laws are followed. Using a hotel property management system is the best way to do all this. Our hotel software management not only collects data but it also generates reports with actionable information. You will be able to figure out your bottlenecks through our Hotel Management System.

Aiosell offers the best hotel PMS systems so that you can enjoy the right experience for hotel management experience. The unique advantages of our hotel PMS software make it the best in the industry. So, get in touch with us to acquire our PMS hotel software products and revolutionise the experience offered by your hotel.


What is Property Management System?

A Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) is a software that facilitates all aspects of hotel reservation management & administrative tasks such as day-to-day operations including front office, billing, reservations, analytics & reporting.

What are the functions of a hotel PMS?

A hotel PMS integrates with revenue manager and pricing system for accounting and management. It is also responsible for internal operations such as staff and inventory management, payment processing, occupancy management, etc.

What are the benefits of hotel PMS?

A hotel PMS automates the internal processes and streamlines the activities, which results in improved efficiency and better guest experience. Find out more on the outcomes of a modern Hotel PMS.
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