Sun and Sand Hotel

Sun-n-Sand is India’s first beach-front 5-star hotel located right on Juhu Beach, Mumbai. The hotel has been a popular backdrop in several Indian movies and welcomes many Bollywood stars as their frequent patrons. The group also owns another 5-star property in the holy town of Shirdi, Maharashtra.

Due to the brand legacy of the hotel, it usually never struggles with utilization and has occupancy of more than 75%. The biggest challenge they faced was not knowing how to increase their ADR / ARR and when to increase or decrease their rates in a systematic manner.

When they started using Aiosell’s unique Revenue Management System, they were surprised to see their ARR increase by more than 20% in less than 3 months. Moreover, they were free from their day to day tasks of managing the channel management system, and could focus all their energies on strategic expansion and guest experience.

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