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Aiosell provides an easy API connectivity interface (AioConnect switch) for various technology solutions related to hospitality industry. If you are an existing technology solution in hospitality industry that provides a certain solution, you can use Aiosell Connectivity (AioConnect) to connect to other technology solutions using a simple and ready to use API interface.

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Key Features

Aiosell provides API connectivity to the following types of hospitality solutions:

-- Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
-- Demand Aggregrators
-- Global Distribution System (GDS)
-- Channel Managers
-- Booking Engines
-- Property Management Systems (PMS)
-- Accounting Software
-- CRM Systems
-- Payment Gateways
-- Credit Card / Payment Services
-- Doorlock Providers
-- IOT Devices

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How does it work

  • Use Aiosell API documentation to build your integration
  • Use simple Rest API details to connect to all hospitality solutions.
  • Build a sandbox test environment within few minutes
  • Test your integration with sandbox
  • Go Live with AioConnect API integration

Reasons to Implement Aiosell Integration

Integrations allow a thriving eco-system of many technology solutions that work with other solutions. Each solution can be an expert in their product / service, but in order to provide a customer with a seamless experience, the systems should integrate with each other with data / insights & solutions.

Aiosell API (AioConnect) helps hospitality technology solutions connect with each other seamlessly.

Some OTA Integration

Property Management System Integrations

Payment Gateway & Accounting Software Integrations

Channel Manager & Booking Engine Integrations


cloud channel manager

Anand D, Executive Director

Its been exceptional as we are new to this line of business they handholded us right from website creation to content marketing and attracting potential customers to the property with a stable revenue i would strongly recommend their product for anyone looking for a complete solution equipped with the latest technology probably the first of its kind with an plug & play business module.just give a try you will never regret your decision
cloud channel manager

Aninda W., COO

Overall it's okay. I got what i needed. Although it's not 100% a perfect fit, but i got what i needed. They should really work on booking engine and mobile app and make the development a priority. Its dynamic pricing feature is killer. I like how i can set up pricing strategy for the whole year and automate the decisions 24/7. No need to create multiple, complicated rate plans like i used to
cloud channel manager

Nishith S., Director

We have been Aiosell users for more than 3 years. Happy to have their product and are very satisfied with the product. Aiosell has a good team and great product

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