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Summit Hotels & Resorts is a chain of 28 hotels located in scenic hill stations spread across North East India, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Bhutan. The chain excels in providing warm Himalayan hospitality at high altitudes as most of their hotels & resorts are located in mountains!

The Problem

The entire group of 28 hotels was manually operated by a small centralized revenue management team in Gurgaon. This team was using excel sheets to mark peak, shoulder and lean season for each hotel and for creating BAR rates, based on slabs and seasons. This was extremely complicated and time-consuming for a small team across so many different variables & hotels, and there were only able to change rates few times a day. Due to these limitations, they would often undersell their rooms during high demand and leave empty rooms during low demand because of inability to keep up with changing market and competition trends. The group was contemplating increasing the size of their Revenue Management team to increase efficiency, results and manage increasing workload of Revenue Management across the chain.

The Solution

The Group CEO, Sumit Mitruka was impressed with Aiosell’s dynamic pricing & reporting modules and decided to pilot it for one of this hotels for 2 months. After he was convinced about the power of dynamic pricing & automated revenue management, he decided to roll out the system to the entire chain as he believed that a system like this could optimize his revenues and profits in the long run.

Aiosell used several internal & external factors to calculate rates such as lead time, day of week, time of the day, seasonality, occupancy levels and competition. It changed rates automatically 20-30 times in a day across all channels, leading to maximum results with minimum efforts. Aiosell also reduced the need for creating various promotions at OTAs as the dynamic prices were already taking into account advance purchase patterns and last minute price adjustments.

Aiosell’s Analytics and Reporting tools allowed the group to monitor key performance parameters like Business Pickup, Reviews & Reputation, and Price Elasticity on a daily basis and ensured that they achieved maximum results.

The group was using Ezee Absolute PMS, which has a seamless 2 way connectivity with Aiosell, making the entire process smooth and seamless.

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The Results

The group now uses Aiosell across its hotel’s portfolio as they are able to optimize their pricing and revenues which was evident in the first few months of working with Aiosell.
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