Sandpiper Hotel, Singapore outsources Revenue Management to Aiosell

Sandpiper Hotel


Sandpiper Hotel is a 31-room property located in Dunlop Street, Singapore. It is located strategically at the cross roads of Little India, Raffles City (famed Raffles Hotel) and technology hub Sim Lim square across the road. The hotel due to its central location has the potential to cater to both business and leisure travelers to a commercial city like Singapore.

The Problem

The owner of Sandpiper Hotel, Pankaj Pandit was a regular hotelier who ran his hotel manually without much automation and technology. The hotel was a family run business where they were performing most tasks, including updating rates and inventory manually as they did not know of any better solution to do this. Singapore being such a volatile market attracts both business and leisure travel and therefore, it becomes imperative to change rates more often to maximize revenues. The owners were looking for a solution to minimize their efforts and maximize their results.

The Solution

The hotel owners met Aiosell in ITB, 2019 and started its association in Oct, 2019.

They started using Aiosell’s automated dynamic pricing system along with Analytics & Reputation management tool. Rates were benchmarked with the competition hotels using the Aiosell’s rate shopper and pricing algorithm took into account demand, seasonality, day of the week, time of the week, lead time in order to calculate rates which would be updated automatically up to 20-30 in a day. Aiosell also provided comprehensive Analytics & Reporting to keep the owners of the hotel updated with key parameters on a daily & weekly basis and provide any information in case any parameters needed to be adjusted.

The owner’s eventually understood the Aiosell Pricing Model and started changing the automation parameters themselves according to the changing dynamics of the market. Not only did this relieve them from day-to-day manual tasks, they were able to focus on overall business development and strategy, resulting in better results (higher occupancy & ADRs).

The Results

With Aiosell automated dynamic pricing system, there was a sharp increase in both occupancy and ADRs and the same was reflective in the huge REVPAR increase of 168% in Dec’19.
Sandpiper Hotel Result

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