Purple Cloud Hotels Expand to 3 Hotels Using Aiosell Technology

Purple Cloud Hotels


Purple Cloud Hotels is a group of 3 hotels – all strategically located around the metropolitan city of Bangalore, India. These technologically driven “Smart hotels” are all newly constructed hotels which are frequented by both leisure and business travelers.

The Problem

The group was opening its first brand new property near Bangalore International Airport in 2018 as there were very few hotels located in that area. The owners, Vijay Yadav and Chetan TJ were first time hoteliers with no prior experience in the industry. They hired a management company to oversee the hotel’s operations, however they were struggling to increase business and fill their rooms. They were aware that hotel demand had started moving to online channels, but they had no idea how best to use those channels to maximize business. From listing the hotel on both domestic and international OTAs, setting the right price based on demand and competition patterns, as well as tracking and measuring guest reviews – the owners found themselves looking for an all-encompassing technology and marketing solution.

The Solution

The group started using Aiosell’s all-in-one system that included all products (Revenue Management System, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Reviews & Reputation Management, Competition Rate Shopper) as they saw merit in using a fully integrated solution. Right from the pre-opening stage, the owners kept their focus on running the hotel and ensuring high guest satisfaction while the Aiosell system ensured that it tied all technology and marketing requirements to increase revenues, ARRs and profits. The project was a mega success and they also started getting 20% of their business direct on their own website (booking engine) using Aiosell’s smart pricing strategy, resulting in huge savings in OTA commission.

The group is using Hotelogix PMS and Staah channel manager. Since Aiosell has 2-way integration with both these systems – availability, rates and bookings are pushed real-time between PMS, RMS, Channel Manager and OTAs, making it a seamless experience for the hotel. In this setup, Aiosell is also able to pull offline bookings from PMS to RMS, providing smart analytics and MIS to the hotel that includes all booking sources.

The Results

Purple Cloud Hotel achieved 95% occupancy and an ARR of Rs 3065within the first 5 months of operations. The power of dynamic pricing reflected in ARR growth of 105% in these 5 months.
Purple Hotel ResultPurple Hotel Result 2

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