Manjeera Hotels, India Increases Revenue Using Aiosell

Majeera Hotels


Manjeera Group is a construction conglomerate who ventured into the hospitality sector and in the year 1995. They now run 4 star hotels - 3 in Hyderabad (Aditya Park, Aditya Hometel & Radisson) and have recently opened Manjeera Premiere in Rajamundry. They also have new upcoming projects in Vijayawada and other parts of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, India.

The Problem

The pricing & rates in all OTAs was being managed by a central revenue manager, who was updating rates few times a day. Moreover, the channel manager they were using was inflexible and did not allow for automation & optimization. As the group was expanding, management felt that there was need to change and bring about innovation and introduce a system that would help maximize business & increase ADRs.

The Solution

The Group CEO decided to replace their current channel manager with Aiosell in Dec 2020, to utilize the unique benefits of Aiosell's Automated Dynamic Pricing for two hotels, Aditya Park and Aditya Hometel. Aiosell system was able to change rates automatically 20-30 times a day depending on several dynamic factors (like occupancy, day of the week, competition, lead time, last-minute timing and market demand.)

The Group management &entire team started using Aiosell’s unique Reporting (Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports) to keep track of business and make better decisions, like identifying peak dates and segment-wise pricing strategy.

The Results

Manjeera Hotels witnessed an instant growth in their REVPAR by 80% within 3 months. The group was in better control of their entire marketing / pricing / online marketing, and witnessed a steady increase in ADR by 30% (as the covid crisis was ending).

The group also added a new property at Rajamundry in Mar’21 and introduced the Aiosell system to take advantage of its unique automation & distribution capabilities instantly.

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