15 Rooms, St. Petersburg uses Aiosell Automated Pricing



15 rooms, constructed in 1879 is a colonial property comprising 15 rooms located in Marat Street, St Petersburg, Russia, where each room is known to exhibit the rich character and history of this beautiful city. The hotel is surrounded by lively bars and restaurants, close to underground train stations and only a few minutes walking distance from the famous Nevsky Prospekt – the heart of SPB.

The Problem

The hotel was managing rates & inventory manually on online channels. They were using static rates and changing them manually for changing demand patterns on weekends and peak seasons. The management realized that changing rates manually was not effective to maximize business for a city like St Petersburg because the demand changes are very extreme on peak seasons and weekends. Moreover, not every weekend demonstrates peak demand behavior and hence there was no one size fit all strategy for such variations. They were looking for a solution which would help optimize revenue potential and cater to the variability in changing patterns with every weekend and every day.

The Solution

15 rooms owner met Aiosell at a hospitality convention organized by Bnovo, a leading property management system in Russia which is integrated with Aiosell RMS. They started to use Aiosell as a pilot for this integration.

Aiosell automated dynamic pricing algorithm took into account several factors simultaneously which the hotel was unable to do before, such as occupancy, day of the week, seasonality, lead time and booking time. The rates were also benchmarked against competition and changed 25-30 times in a day to ensure it changed with variable demand patterns. Rates on peak dates were priced higher to increase ADR and were lowered on low demand dates to increase occupancy.

The Results

The hotel could see an increase in sales by 20% within the a few months of using Aiosell Dynamic Pricing System.

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