Review of an AI-Powered Paper Generator and Editor with Many Perks

Time pressure is a constant burden on students who want to balance academic obligations and part-time employment. Writing academic papers can also cause distress for students in science disciplines because they may have doubts about the relevance of such tasks. In addition, many students lack confidence in their writing abilities and don’t understand how to adhere to academic standards.

Students face an overwhelming workload, so no wonder that they often seek alternative methods for managing their tasks and resolving issues. As a result, online paper writing services have become increasingly popular these days. However, such services aren’t endorsed by academic institutions and faculty, and, of course, they are payable.

So, what shall you do? is an answer to all these challenges. It is an AI essay writer online platform that stands out from other options. Drawing from our own testing experience, we highly recommend this website and its unique features.

Tools and Features

Juli Sheller, an app developer and designer, has created this platform to assist students with their numerous writing tasks. Her personal experience as a student motivated her to simplify the lives of present-day students. So, the website she developed with her colleagues about a decade ago provides effective tools for enhancing and producing students’ papers. These instruments include Essay Typer, Citation Generator, Plagiarism Checker, and Grammar Checker.

However, if you need a custom paper from an expert academic essay writer, you can request it here, though payment is required for this service with a 15% discount nowadays. Alternatively, all the AI-powered tools and services provided on the platform are entirely free.

You can also have access to Knowledge Bank, which can aid in enhancing your academic paper writing abilities by providing various resources, like informational materials, guidelines, and style recommendations, both in written and visual form.

Advantages of Using Essay Helper Service

You can obtain numerous advantages through the use of this website. Should you encounter any difficulties during your research or writing, the platform will become the most reliable and efficient assistance. The whole process is fast and relevant.

You can receive a creative, organized, and appropriate draft to serve as a strong foundation for your writing. If you need to create a more sophisticated research paper, the latest updates and improvements made to the AI algorithms on the platform allow doing that efficiently. You can access this function from the home page via the Essay Typer tab. To use this improved version, you will need to register and enter the option again from your account. The results will be amazing.

You can identify any plagiarism in your draft and eliminate it to boost your paper’s value and your entire academic performance. Use Plagiarism Checker and get the official report with all the coincidences and inconsistencies marked and all the sources described for your further citation with the help of Citation Generator. In general, the platform guarantees complete security for your paper, critical data, and future academic endeavors.

We can also share some valuable insights gleaned from various reviews left by students on independent customer review websites. They shared their experience with, and the overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive, particularly in regard to the high quality of services provided by the platform. Our observations have shown that the customer satisfaction rates reach an impressive 98%, which should be reassuring for both existing and prospective clients of the site.

So, what other features do students consider beneficial? They are the following:

Nevertheless, the most attractive feature for all students here is that the tools are free, providing optimal outcomes.

Why Is Using This Essay Writer Service Legal?

The legality of any paper writing website depends on many factors, like using specific tools, the ways they are used, and the applicable laws and regulations in the platform’s jurisdiction. All these conditions are properly observed by this website. You can read about that in their Terms and Conditions, found on the bottom menu panel of the home page.

You may also be interested in how much the site respects copyright and intellectual property laws. Yes, they have all the rights and permissions for any pre-existing content used by the tools. Moreover, these instruments can provide proper citation and attribution to acknowledge the sources and avoid plagiarism.

Your academic institution’s policies may be rather strict against using AI-powered tools. However, you can use the generated texts just as drafts, sources of ideas, or informational help.

The legality of using this site is based on their observing all local laws and regulations of the country of their registry, and they operate as a normal business and pay taxes.

Though, if you are worried about ethical considerations, you may prefer to use this platform’s tools as a draft, then engage in critical thinking, additional research, and your own writing skills.

Final Thoughts

We can say that is an innovative platform that offers students at all academic levels a fantastic paper-generating and editing service. The platform runs smoothly and provides a wide variety of paper drafts for any academic research topic or subject without any limitations.

Whether you are short on time or feel like you lack the expertise to complete the numerous assignments correctly, this website is an excellent solution for fresh ideas, explanations, and findings. We gladly recommend it to you.

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