Paya Beach Spa and Dive resort

“Aiosell’s automated dynamic pricing increased our bookings by 45% within first 2 months” – Nigel, Revenue Manager, Paya Beach Hotel

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort is a beautiful 80 room 4-star beach resort located on the central-western shore of Timon Island, close to Johor Malaysia. The Hotel offers an array of Island packages, which include all inclusive packages, honeymoon getaways, spa treatments, and dive packages. The property is a classic case of variability of demand in terms of seasons, weekends, and occupancy. Their struggle was to change rates fast enough to keep up with changing seasons and demand.

Paya Beach moved to Aiosell’s all-in-one Revenue Management System in August 2019.  They were using Hotelogix PMS, which was auto-integrated with channel manager to push rates and inventory to all Online Travel Agencies. Since Aiosell has seamless 2-way connectivity with Hotelogix, Aiosell was able to use its advanced algorithms to change rates dynamically almost 10-15 times a day, and push those rates live through the Hotelogix Channel Manager interface.

Aiosell’s automated pricing and use of artificial intelligence resulted in a 25% increase in Occupancy, as well as increase in their Average Daily Rates by 15% within 2 months using minimum time and effort from the Hotel.

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